New Wikia Page,CyanogenMod and some stuff … — August 8, 2012

New Wikia Page,CyanogenMod and some stuff …

Posting after a long time …

If many of you guys dont know ,I got a Xperia Mini Pro to replace my Callisto/G551 …

It is much better experience than Samsung …

I may try to create some more stuff for G551 ,but I need a phone in my hand …

If probably one of you guys living in Mumbai can lend me one for a day or so(7 days if you live elsewhere ..)  ,I can try some stuff …


There was a new Wikia Page created by mll a while back.

I was busy to take notice ..

It is supposed to contain details of HD compatible games and ROMs for Galaxy 551 .

It’s in Nascent Stage and needs people to contribute and update ..

Check if you guys can update it and make the community uniform

Link to the Wikia


CyanogenMod Alpha 3 is released a while back by WillingMagic. the Alpha 4 and CM 7.2 will be released soon ..
(krabbs fron the Google Group informed the GG)

As usual .Dont Ask for ETA’s .Respect the Dev (WIllingMagic). Don’t Expect Miracles ..

The definition of Alpha is that there are bugs and nothing is guaranteed .

If you can live with that ,then only install it .

If you want to know what works and what doesn’t check this post

It has the info about the current working Status of Both the CM ports .


I may restart blogging every week about Android and Stuff common to XMP and Callisto ….

Probably starting this Saturday …

May look into creating a separate XMP blog and post simultaneously ..

Cheers and take care !!