Galaxy 551 : Safe Mode — February 19, 2012

Galaxy 551 : Safe Mode

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A very interesting feature is available for Samsung Phones  .

If you have errant phone with apps playing mischief or you think an errant app has actually keeping you from accessing the phone .

You can boot into what is known as safe mode .

All the apps downloaded by Android Market are locked off the device .

You can safely uninstall the errant app .

However apps installed by File manager (.apk ) ,installed by adb install and present in System are present .

Another good reason to avoid warez 

How to access safe mode :

  • Switch off the phone
  • Power it on and hold the “Menu key “(Left most button .Be sure to do it before the menu button is unlit )
  • You will see a Safe mode written in the lower left code

Cheers !!