Nandroid Style Odin/Gearloose Backup — August 13, 2011

Nandroid Style Odin/Gearloose Backup


Beefed up


Bankai !!!

Enigma Strikes Again .!!!

With some research,common sense and help from Kraka23 ,I figured a backup method which works like a nandroid .

Instead of using a recovery ,I made clever use of scripts ,odin and SOC !!

The new Gearloose Backup manager backs up the data and system partitions and at the end you receive a Odin flashable tar

Which entirely backs up and restores the system state !!!!

Yes everything.Saved games ,app changes, settings, saved apps ,wallpapers, saved state ,rabid turtles ,naked bunnies ,pingus ,user accounts.


It’s a bit slow and time consuming .(5-7 minutes for dump/pull and 5 minutes for flash) BUT WAY FASTER THAN TITANIUM BACKUP 

The file will be saved on PC .

Before I begin Let me tell you the requirements :

  • Odin 4.34
  • SuperOneClick Root (Yes even if you have rooted phone)
  • Android SDK installed
  • SD card with 1GB free space
  • Supreme guts
  • Gearloose  Backup manager
  • 1 GB free space on the hard disk partition
  • Galaxy 551 and USB cable
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Keep the processor on performance governor and Max clock .pref 780 Mhz for 0.5 and 806 for 0.533

Method :-

Connect the phone with USB cable to Computer

Run SuperOneClick

Now click on Shell Root 

Finish the works


ensure that backup.bat and backup folder are present

run backup.bat

There are two options

  1. backup DATA : which backs up your data partition
  2. backup DATA and SYSTEM :backs up both system and data partitions

After choosing the desired option .


Enter your desired tar name like PDA,ABC,TRY,NOOB,

And just keep on clicking Enter when asked

Lines You will see

  • Dumping & Dumping Finished (4-5 minutes)
  • Taring & Taring Finished (3-4 minutes)
  • Adding Checksum and Checksum finished (1 minute max)
  • Pulling (3-4 minutes)
  • The Odin file is ready in backup folder
  • Cleaning the SD card

at end of 5-7 minutes depending on SD card speed ,you will get a odin flashable tar image in backup folder.

When you want to restore your data .

Flash with the odin file.



the backup data image is 170 MB

and with data+ system is 350 MB

If you dont believe this i have enclosed a blank PDA file which wipes the data .You can restore your data backup after that to check it.

Thanks to kraka23 of Argentina for the SOC shell root suggestion which removed a bug.

Thanks to Xtra Power Friend of Brazil for testing it for and helping me identifying three bugs

Dont forget to clear cache after flashing just to be safe !!!

Download the manager

EDIT 1 : I messed up the code for data back up .System+data worked fine 

Here is the manager again .

All the 13 downloaders please download again

Download link 2

A GUI will be made if I get enough reviews and requests .