Gearloose Odin Backup Manager 2.0 — November 24, 2011

Gearloose Odin Backup Manager 2.0

First the German GB 2.3.6 has been released .

The information courtesy lachon69

Download link

Password :


Those who are familiar .

Gearloose is a backup manager which backs up data and system and creates odin images .

The new version of Gearloose has

  • Backup organised by date instead of custom names
  • Cygwin used to make process faster
  • Support for amss (radio ) and Bootloader (the four files )

This version was created since some people dont have stock roms to have a backup . (North America especially)

Requirements :

  • Rooted Shell in Airplane Mode when Android is on.(Arkas 0.564,Arkas 0.6,Perseus 2  ,CyanogenMod,Stock ROM+ WIllingMagic’s kernel)
  • OR Rooted Recovery .Recovery4/RecoveryGinger4 OR ClockworkMod recovery
  • 500 MB free space in SD card .

Instructions :

  • unzip the contents to a folder
  • connect phone to USB with USB debugging ON
  • either go to rooted recovery or switch off to airplane mode
  • Run backup.bat
  • Ignore the mkdir or mount errors .(safeguard if /sdcard is not mounted)
  • Press enter as and when required
  • A folder will be created with the current date and time stamp containing the backup depending on option .(I suggest number 4 )
  1. BOOT.tar.md5 -Bootloader (4-5 MB)
  2. PDA.tar.md5 – PDA file (370-375 M B)
  3. PHONE.tar.md5 -PHONE_amss file for radio (25MB)

Remember the file size should be almost as above 

I have tested this on recovery4 and recoveryginger4 .

Not tested on Arkas 0.564,arkas 0.6 and Persues 2 and ClockworkMod recovery .It may work or it wont .

ROMs Backed up and restored :

  • Stock GB
  • ganymede 4
  • Stock Froyo
  • Arkas leviathan

Remember you need a rooted shell 🙂 

If you are performing the backup on live android system like Arkas or CyanogenMod then remember to switch to airplane mode since amss may not be backed up correctly with this mod .

The backup manager


In case you want links to the rooted recoveries .

Recovery4 For Froyo.


Recovery4ginger For gingerbread