F-MIUI now available to download — March 30, 2013

F-MIUI now available to download

If you have visited facebook page then you may already know that i am working on new version of miui


Que. – What is new in this miui??

Ans. – This miui is the best miui our beloved Galaxy 551 can get. This MIUI was started in frustration that Galaxy 551 won’t get full working ICS/JB (but later it was discovered that there exist an awesome dev named ankur who is working on cm10.1 – kudos to him).This MIUI packs gr8 awesomeness. Many layouts fixed. discovery of bugs and walkthroughs for them.In short this MIUI is too much upgraded version from ajay’s or mine own old MIUI.

Que. – What “F” stands in F-MIUI?

Ans. – “F” stands for Flawless (means bugless). Aim is to achieve bugless miui.

Que. – What are main new features in this miui?

Ans. –

  1. MIUI Dialer layout fixed for our screen resolution,
  2. MMS layout fixed,
  3. Added real MIUI web browser (Miren browser),
  4. Recent task now in English,
  5. lot of smoothness (feels like jb ,atleast to me),
  6. New Mi File Manager with root support,
  7. New Clock app (a lot better),
  8. New Notes app
  9. threw Mihome in trash and added xperia gx launcher by me as default,
  10. beats with dsp support,
  11. added more init.d tweaks,
  12. pre-patched to install lg ui 2.0 weather widget (not included the apk in rom),
  13. gapps included,
  14. 3000+ miui icons support( thanks to vexillium project),
  15. 4 2×1 digital clocks,
  16. Blutooth controller widget,
  17. 3 photoframe widgets,
  18. battery widget,
  19. wifi controller widget,
  20. 15 new lockscreen as “first week” addon will be available soon after rom release date which can be applied directly through miui thememanager -no need of milocker.
  21. pre rooted 😛
  22. Call bug fixed due to ajay’s cm7 base ………………………………….. and maybe more


screenshot-1363702905099 screenshot-1363702914809 screenshot-1363702958397 screenshot-1363702984322 screenshot-1363702990670 screenshot-1363703009394 screenshot-1363713548024 screenshot-1363713711278 screenshot-1363713723456 screenshot-1363713758617 screenshot-1363713801943 screenshot-1363714028190 screenshot-1363714033998 screenshot-1363714134234 screenshot-1363714321620 screenshot-1363714534688 screenshot-1363714561747 screenshot-1363729791568 screenshot-1363736900054 screenshot-1363749387861 screenshot-1363749430919 screenshot-1363749522663 screenshot-1363749586879

Check this out for download links 🙂