Perseus S beta 5 and the End — April 6, 2012

Perseus S beta 5 and the End

Basically the baseband/IMEI of my phone was bricked and Samsung bricked my Download modes ¬†in attempt of “repairs”

Now I just have a device which entertains me with the letters I5510

Not happy the very least ,I refused to shell out money for new motherboard and thats the end of the line for me .

I will be switching to my older Sony Ericsson K810i till it lasts .

Last Samsung for me .

I mean how can a Phone brick it’s IMEI/Baseband is beyond my imagination ,that too in just one year …

No other manufacturer has IMEI erasure problem .

Damn you Samsung .Go and Rot in hell .

Perseus S


this was the Arkas/Perseus Build I was working on .

It features a new lock screen ,Zero errors for ext4 Perseus /Patched Calling and GPS bugs ,Faster ,better ,shinier /faster touch response /and so on …./Many tweaks/Beats/DSP Manager blah balhh..

all other features are inherited from previous builds

I am just too sad and sick to write any longer

Do me a favor

Just post some screenshots of whatever I created

I will just take your leave . ūüė¶

Use CWM’s install from zip option to install . Do a factory reset before that .

CWM Page

CWM by didy 


Perseus S (Less than 1% chance of working)


Bye !!


Try this kernel if it doesnt boot


Honestly I cant trouble shoot without my phone .Just some vague shots in dark …

and if this doesnt work then this may work ……..


This is the older Build if the above doesnt work


Screenshots by Kafuura

The Last ROMs :On Hiatus /Arkas 1.7 :Perseus XLv1.2 — February 16, 2012

The Last ROMs :On Hiatus /Arkas 1.7 :Perseus XLv1.2

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This is the Last ROM of Enigma  . 

Currently there are time constraints and I cant keep up .

I will reply to comments and or queries /Troubleshoot

Probably a post or two in between .

So I will just leave you with this Last ROMs

All Gingerbread ROMs

Based on the newer KPH ,this everything as all the previous ROMs

init.d ,O/c ,governors ,live wallpapers, blah blah blah ,

The only addition is 14-toggle Notification menu ported from lidroid ROMs and Nemus Launcher

Mad props to sileshnair for compiling the UI for the 551

Flashlight toggle doesnt work .It will crash .

use one package Odin to Flash it

The regular Arkas 1.7 Link


If you get a display glitch try this basic kernel (with only init.d support for Link2d)


The Perseus XL v1.2 is here .EXT4 ROM

Two kernels

the default is finer ,the packed is hitchy(sensitive to O/C) .

Use CWM ,install from zip option


Just a heads up

You are not required to use our ROMs .You are not obliging me by installing our ROMs ..If you cant handle our ROMs just install another one . Dont troll my blog . This piece of work comes with no warranty whatsoever .If you dont want to understand certain concepts then I cant help you. Rather I wont help you .


Ciao .Adios .Bye .I quit !!


Arkas 0.620 [Froyo] [RFS]and [EXT4] — February 3, 2012

Arkas 0.620 [Froyo] [RFS]and [EXT4]


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This is an upgrade over the 0.610 .

For Froyo BootLoader Only

Includes some stability Fixes and is odexed instead of Deodexed .

It has lighter Framework ,and is much faster than 0.610

This is a ROM made for conservative / stability fellows

It will boot faster since it odexed .

Almost All the features of 0.610 included

Two ROMs

One is RFS .

Use One Package Flash to Flash it

Download here


The Second ROM is ext4 based .You have to use CWM to flash it .

Installation :

  • Bundled with it is the ext4 CWM of Willing Magic .
  • Copy to SD card
  • Do one package flash of recovery with Odin
  • Boot to recovery with T+Power/reboot recovery
  • Use install from zip option to flash the file
  • Format data and cache to ext4 using format data and format cache (or factory reset )
  • Reboot system .Nothing will happen .
  • Use Q+power to boot download mode .
  • Do one package flash of ext4.tar.md5 with Odin .
  • Finished

Download Here


Perseus XT4 – Ahzek — December 6, 2011

Perseus XT4 – Ahzek

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Based on Einherjar and Perseus X

This is a CWM based ROM /Half Build . Install ON YOUR OWN DISCRETION 

Uses didy’s Xt4 kernel

Requirements : GB Bootloader and CWM Recovery

Features :

Odexed ROM .(Had stability issues on deodexed one )

Faster Write than rfs Einherjar

Shell root/No dmesg/Custom Boot Animation

CWM compatible

Rooted Tested Symlinked (g.jie/didy will know)

Has Some ICS Frameworks mods (Some from StevenAngelo, Some mine ,Some from capez’ ICS animations )

CRT mod

TouchWiz Launcher

Ext4 ROM

9 MB system space remaining only . Careful .

ROM is Blue ,very Blue .

Dont install if you hate Blue colour

Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue 

Installation :

Flash CWM if you haven’t

Format data/cache

Use install from SD card option and select can use rename to and use install from ,but it’s annoying ¬†IMHO and tohmatos are tomatos )

reboot .

Issues :

Minor Force Closes (partially resolved with odex )

apn problems may occur (Be sure you remember your settings )

Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue 

Download Here

Do me a favor .Reboot phone atleast 10 times and tell me if /data is accessible or not . I will swap the kernel if you have a problem .


Perseus X and Gearloose File System Manager — October 20, 2011

Perseus X and Gearloose File System Manager

100th POST .Bells and whistles

I was gonna release the Arkas 1.6 but stalled it for a reason.

Arkas 1.6 was going to be Perseus X  on JFS .

There is a reason behind it .

Recently Odin Bricks and Failures are on a rise .

I did isolate the stock ROM without the bootloader last week to minimise the Bootloader related errors .

Now Enigma takes a step further to more freedom from Odin .

Ordinarily A regular Odin flash takes 3 minutes ,thats 180 seconds of nervous 216 Heartbeats .

The major chunk of Odin Flash is the system.rfs flash .

Now we have eliminated the requirement for system.rfs Flash

That leaves us with 10-12 second Odin Flash which is much much more safer

Perseus X doesnt use the Normal Flash Method .




Installing Perseus X is way different .

I am counting on guys like Aelton Lagao(Brazil-orkut ) and didy (Indonesia ) to help your fellow users translate this method .


The contents of the file

1.)PerseusX1.tar : (Kernel and Recovery )To be installed with Odin

2.)GearlooseFL.7z : Gearloose File system manager

3.) : System to be installed with recovery

Step A .Kernel and the Recovery

Flash PerseusX.tar with One Package Odin Flash.It has the kernel


It’s the work of kraka23 and pinkflozd .It’s a full rooted bash recovery with busybox 19.2 with multi FS support .It’s kickass if you know how to use it .

Very powerful .

Kernel is a unique kind .

Very Unique

Theoretically It supports 8 types of File systems ,6 types of /system ,6 types of /data ,6 types of /cache ,8 types of second SD card partition







XFS and BTRFS are not supported for anything below 256 MB so it only works on Second SD card partition .

Usually any kernel can support at most 2 FS .

Pinkflozd’s State of art¬†optimization¬†makes the kernel support almost every FS.rfs may or may not work

More about File system and their effects later .

Step B : Recovery and Gearloose File System manager .

You will need to change the File system partition

Go to recovery .

Connect the phone with USB cable .

Unzip GearlooseFL.7z and run backup.bat.

Yes it is modified Gearloose Backup manager

Press Option 3 which is the Backup Manager

And the required number ahead to change the File system

Format /system to JFS ,ext2 or ReiserFS to be safe

Format /data to ext2 to be on safer side .

Format /cache to ext2 to be on a safer side

Step C : SD card Copy

Copy to SD card .

Use the update from SD card option and select


And reboot system .

There PerseusX installed .

The method looks simple but is supremely confusing

The File Systems 

Bloat File Systems 

Vfat :- It’s slow dated and I never checked it’s working

rfs :- same with this one

ext4 :It’s a jounalled FS and has marginal improvement over rfs .Battery Thirsty

ext3 :Pretty much dated and useless

Fast Action File Systems

ext2 :Non journalled ,Very Fast and responsive .Perseus X works like a charm on ext2

reiserfs : Journalled FS ,this FS is faster than ext2 and the fastest system OS . It’s very fast ,very responsive and smooth.

JFS : It is a bit faster than ext2 . But It has the least cpu foot print in all FS evah. JFS system is 25 p.c more battery efficient than ext4

Power FS 

btrfs :It’s fast Second SD card partition FS .Very fast ,a tad battery hog

XFS :It is almost equivalent or faster to btrfs .It consumes a little less CPU than btrfs .

The kernel

Perseus X is powered by the Vigor Kernel 2.0(1.0 was in Perseus 7).It is stable at 806  Mhz . Upto 844 Mhz is unlocked but 806 is max stable for folks .

Below the 600 Mhz the Ram is underclocked for battery safe purposes .

Over 600 Mhz Ram speed is overclocked to give a significant Boost .

It has hundred of patches  .BFQ works like a charm for higher CPU range while sio works cool for the lower end of spectrum.

The system :

It’s a regular system with init.d scripts making your life easier and some very cool stuff under the hood with SU 3.0 and busybox 1.19.2 .

It is a Zip file so you can manipulate which system app can be installed .

Currently 10MB is remaining in /system minimum

File System Mismash 

It was practically impossible to test every combination o even rationalize every File system combination .The two beta tester did give some results but still it was not enough .

Of all the working combinations in system/data/cache/Sd

ext2/ext2/ext2/ext2 is the most stable one

reiserfs/reiserfs/reiserfs/xfs is the most speedy ROM

JFS/JFS/JFS/XFS is speed + a whooping 25 p.c increase in battery (lagfree-bfq-691)

Reiser/ext2/ext2/ext2 is a relatively safe combnation plus a hevay bump in speed

Problematic FS :ext3 and ext4 act up and 90 p.c of times wont work

JFS is moody FS .6 out of 10 times it will install perfectly .Sometime /data will give you a nightmare ,sometimes the /system wont persist .

Prerequisites : adb logcat knowledge to know .You are screwed .

The Enigma File Systems 

Mine is Dual JFS with ext2 cache on XFS SD card second partition

Flozd has Tri JFS on btrfs SD card second partition

Also he has Tri Reiser fs and Tri NonJournalled ext4 btrfs for performance

Tiago has all quad ext2

kraka 23 has tri reisrfs with ext3 and tri rfs ext3 sometimes

File system commands in case of utmost emergency in recovery shell .

/dev/stl12 :- for system

/dev/stl13:for data

/dev/stl14:for cache

System commands have been listed the data and cache are similar

mkfs.jfs /dev/stl12 :for JFS

mkfs.ext2 -b 4096 /dev/stl12 : for ext2

mkfs.ext3 /dev/stl12: for ext3

mkfs.ext4 /dev/stl12: for ext4

mkfs.reiserfs /dev/stl12:for reiserfs

mkfs.xfs /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 :for XFS (sd card second partition only)

mkfs.btrfs /dev/block/mmcblk0p2:for btrfs (SD card second partition only)

Yep ,it’s confusing to install and a bit complicated .You will soft brick it many time and will require assistance from adb logcat .

Arkas 1.6 

So it is upto you to decide whether you want a simple Odin ROM for the newer Arkas or should we move forward with the system zip installation .,

Your choice .

Download PerseusX Here

Troubleshooting Guide :

  • If phone doesnt go beyond the log
  • reboot to recovery and format /data
  • If phone doesnt boot even after 5 minutes
  • reboot to recovery and format /data
  • APPs crashing .Reinstall app .If that doesnt help
  • reboot to recovery and format /data with another FS
  • Multiple APK crash
  • reboot to recovery and format /data and /system to another FS
  • blocked /data
  • reboot to recovery and format /data with other FS
  • I am scared to hell ,WTF is this all mumbo jumbo .
  • Install Stock ROM .
  • By Format I mean use mkfs notWipe Data and Cache” Partition

I am pickled at the moment .So Long folks .This is a very short tutorial actually.Ask Didy about the problems encountered with Perseus 7 ūüôā .