USB jig and Third download mode . — September 30, 2011

USB jig and Third download mode .

Well ,I got my Callisto back

No motherboard change it look s like .

Samsung guys are pretty fast .

Things to do while you are in Samsung care

A.)Check your acceseries while leaving the store .

I learnt it the had way and now my 2GB microSD card is gone forever

I went to samsung care and inserted my SIM and SD card to test the phone .urns out my “d” key is flunked .SO I gave my phone back to them to have it checked.

They returned the phone and I went back home humming .Now when I went home ,it turns out I didnt have the 2GB SD card inserted .

After lunch when I went to the Samsung Care ,they said I never had the SD card inserted .

Good thing I dint take my 16 GB micro SD card or else ,I would have murdered them ,buried them ,resurrected them and again murdered them .

Any way ,Official complaint is gone ,but I dont expect much.

“D” button is broken btw .I have to hard press it.

(Legally I am at fault ,By honor samsung is at fault )

On unrelated note my phone has shed the cool phone tag and has become a furnace .

You know why I hate samsung guys now.


I got my hands of a 301K USB jig .

Basically ,it’s a super Unbricker .

You can build it at home with three 100K or two 150K resistors but It was a hassle .

If it doesnt work ,nothing will (except jtag but that requires soldering)

you just have to switch off the phone and insert the jig and you get directly into download mode detectable by odin

Ordinarily you go to Yellow Droid Image of download mode (Galaxy S and S2)

But our phone is different .On inserting jig you go to at the factory Download mode .

Very interesting .

It actually acts as logcat for odin flash .

I flashed Gingerbread-Ganymede 3-Froyo-Dark Energon without a fuss(mind you the USB did fallback once but the odin connection was maintained .)

One bad experience ,one good One ,I call today even .

I still hate samsung care though .