CRT Power off animation Mod — October 23, 2011

CRT Power off animation Mod

Credits :

Scylla.bx :For pointing the Mod out and pursuing it

Ajay Al and Krabbs for just reminding about it.

It is the CRT screen off feature .An animation .A whim .A visual effect .Blah blah blah.

A video was present here but I hate ads . 

Bugs :

1.)You need to switch on the phone using power button .If you switch it on using the middle click ,the brightness of the phone may wonk out .In that case power of the phone and power it on using the power switch

Supported ROMs

  • Arkas Ganymede 3
  • Perseus 2
  • Perseus X

Perseus X users may have to do a complete format especially if you have JFS system .


Ganymede 3 and Perseus 2 just have to apply update form SD card

reboot system

Perseus X users

Method 1

use gearloose file manager

option 3

option 5

OR in adb shell

#busybox mount /dev/stl12 /system

update from sd card

#busybox mount /dev/stl12 /system

reboot system

Method 2

If you have root explorer , ES file manager ,FileExpert(tested only on FileExpert which is bundled with all ROMs).

You need to enable root explorer feature in both File Expert and ES File explorer .

copy framework-res.apk to /system/framework and change the permissions to chmod 644 (i.e read read read and write for user/owner )

copy and replace the build.prop file to /system .chmod 644 again

This method is especially useful if you have perseus X since recovery is a hassle .For JFS based system

You need to turn on all animations from

Left Click —>Settings —->Display —–>Animations —> All animations

Perseus2/X framework Mod

 Download Here

Ganymede 3 Mod

Temorarily removed