This is a standard Disclaimer .

The methods/tutorials/ROM installations is all the responsibility of the user.I am not responsible in any way.

A .) Definitions  of some tags

Normal tag: Safe and doesn’t void warranty.

Root : You need to have a rooted phone and clearly need to understand that rooting voids warranty.

ANBU Black Ops : Posts with this tag are only for those who have rooted phone.They also must have terminal emulator installed or adb and have used it before. Basic Command on bash is nice to have .

They must also have knowledge of  Odin and have atleast flashed a firmware before.

B.)Disclaimer about Framework/ROM

The Framework /ROM is extensively tested on my GT 5510 phone .If it doesn’t work on your phone or it bricks/fails on your phone ,you and only you are responsible.

You have installed or will install ROM /Framework of your own free will.

By installing ROM/Framework ,you admit to knowledge of subsequent consequences including the warranty and other issues.



It’s sad I have to add this clause .Please keep the blog clean.

If you have any problem please feel free to comment .I am ready to help you as far as I can.

If however you use abusive/objectionable sentences in English or any language, I wont be tolerant .Whatever your country maybe I will make sure to report to the respective Cyber Crime Cell and notify them accordingly about the nature of your content.You will have to pay the penalty according to the law of your country.

Plus Your IP and your email will be blacklisted from many sites.I will make sure of that .