This a batch script  for people having trouble with adb commands or people who are too lazy to type

Gearloose 0.22 ADB Manger to the rescue


Currently it is for windows only


Knowledge of english

Android SDK installed

Rooted Phone

Common Sense

USB Debugging should be on .

Just double click on gearloose.bat to execute the script


Execute option 2 First time after installing and it will create a bunch of folders and sub folders

Folders Explained :

gearloose is the main folder

app,backupframework and sd are three subfolders

app sub folder :–

data : /data/phone apps will be saved here (single)

databatch :all the /data/apps will be saved here

note to backup data apps ,you will need to set the permissions from shell manually

installsingle :place apk for single install

installbatch : install apks in a batch (Limited to 10 currently)

system : /system/apps will be saved here

systembatch :all the /system/apps for total backup will be saved here


backupframework :Currently only tested on single samsung phone .Backs up framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk



backup : transfers a single file from sd card to this folder

fullbackup : transfers the entire sdcard contents here

camera :camera pics are located here

push : Can transfer a file from PC to sdcard


The functions

0 :-Mindless Drabble

1:- help ,useless though

2:-Important function,creates folders for the manager.It should be executed FIRST before doing anything

3:- Lists apps in /system/app folder

4.:-Transfer a particular app from /system/app folder to \gearloose\app\system

5.:-Backsup all apps from /system/app folder

6.:-Backup a particular installed app from /data/app folder

7.Backup all apps from /data/app folder

8.: Batch Install apk from computer to phone .

It is currently limited to 10 apps

Place the apks in installbatch folder and rename them from 0.apk to 9.apk

It will directly install to your phone.

9.Install a single apk from installsingle folder.Follow the instructions

10.:-Backup frameworks from samsung phones.From other phones it will only back up framework-res.apk to \gearloose\backupframework

11:-List SD card contents

12 :-Push a file in SD card.File should be in gearloose\sd\push folder.It will be pushed to /sdcard/gearloose folder

13.Backup a file from sd card .It will be saved in \gearloose\sd\backup folder

14.Backup camera pics :- All camera pics present in DCIM folder will be saved to \gearloose\sd\camera

15.:-Backup entire SD card :-ALL THE SD CARD CONTENTS ARE TRANSFERRED TO computer .It will take disk space and time


I have tested all functions .

It wont work if you dont have Android sdk

It wont work is you dont have windows

It wont work if you dont have Android phone connected

EDIT 1 : GEARLOOSE now in Linux bash flavor too

Download Link for windows

Download Link for linux