Perseus S beta 5 and the End — April 6, 2012

Perseus S beta 5 and the End

Basically the baseband/IMEI of my phone was bricked and Samsung bricked my Download modes ¬†in attempt of “repairs”

Now I just have a device which entertains me with the letters I5510

Not happy the very least ,I refused to shell out money for new motherboard and thats the end of the line for me .

I will be switching to my older Sony Ericsson K810i till it lasts .

Last Samsung for me .

I mean how can a Phone brick it’s IMEI/Baseband is beyond my imagination ,that too in just one year …

No other manufacturer has IMEI erasure problem .

Damn you Samsung .Go and Rot in hell .

Perseus S


this was the Arkas/Perseus Build I was working on .

It features a new lock screen ,Zero errors for ext4 Perseus /Patched Calling and GPS bugs ,Faster ,better ,shinier /faster touch response /and so on …./Many tweaks/Beats/DSP Manager blah balhh..

all other features are inherited from previous builds

I am just too sad and sick to write any longer

Do me a favor

Just post some screenshots of whatever I created

I will just take your leave . ūüė¶

Use CWM’s install from zip option to install . Do a factory reset before that .

CWM Page

CWM by didy 


Perseus S (Less than 1% chance of working)


Bye !!


Try this kernel if it doesnt boot


Honestly I cant trouble shoot without my phone .Just some vague shots in dark …

and if this doesnt work then this may work ……..


This is the older Build if the above doesnt work


Screenshots by Kafuura

The Last ROMs :On Hiatus /Arkas 1.7 :Perseus XLv1.2 — February 16, 2012

The Last ROMs :On Hiatus /Arkas 1.7 :Perseus XLv1.2

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This is the Last ROM of Enigma  . 

Currently there are time constraints and I cant keep up .

I will reply to comments and or queries /Troubleshoot

Probably a post or two in between .

So I will just leave you with this Last ROMs

All Gingerbread ROMs

Based on the newer KPH ,this everything as all the previous ROMs

init.d ,O/c ,governors ,live wallpapers, blah blah blah ,

The only addition is 14-toggle Notification menu ported from lidroid ROMs and Nemus Launcher

Mad props to sileshnair for compiling the UI for the 551

Flashlight toggle doesnt work .It will crash .

use one package Odin to Flash it

The regular Arkas 1.7 Link


If you get a display glitch try this basic kernel (with only init.d support for Link2d)


The Perseus XL v1.2 is here .EXT4 ROM

Two kernels

the default is finer ,the packed is hitchy(sensitive to O/C) .

Use CWM ,install from zip option


Just a heads up

You are not required to use our ROMs .You are not obliging me by installing our ROMs ..If you cant handle our ROMs just install another one . Dont troll my blog . This piece of work comes with no warranty whatsoever .If you dont want to understand certain concepts then I cant help you. Rather I wont help you .


Ciao .Adios .Bye .I quit !!


Arkas 1.6 Patched — December 28, 2011

Arkas 1.6 Patched

It seems 5-10 MB of ROM is unreadable .Thats why you couldnt create files in /system/etc or anywhere in /system .

In some cases Link2SD faulted ,in others the system was totally locked (S-O!!

Anyway ,started and patched from scratch should work now

You can download from the new widget .(Which is a pain like all cloud storages and will be removed )

The new Mediafire Link


Need to check whether the display bug exists or not .

Cheers !!

Arkas 1.6 – Tzeentch — December 27, 2011

Arkas 1.6 – Tzeentch

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This build is based on XEO-KPG build

No-drastic changes but modified looks and all the changes .

I am too bored to write about it but it is cool build .

Credits :

Didy Mudjeri : Kernel Dude

Karim Salama and his friend XeeD for the arkas Boot animation

JRummy16¬†‚Äď ROM ToolBox

hrk :NoFrillsCPU

xageek: Filexpert

Titanium Track :Titanium Backup

Jack Palewich : Android Terminal Emulator

Stealthcopter : Nexus Revamped Wallpaper

Yeahha : Icon Collection .

Steven Angelo : Header background ,USB and Toggle Icons

Features :

  • Px-Mix Kernel
  • Based on Latest XEO-KPG
  • Link2SD ‚ÄúPatch‚ÄĚ
  • Swap/Init.d/zram/Shell-root
  • ext2/3/4 ‚Äď support
  • Pre-Rooted ,Su-3.0
  • Some Apps added as above
  • Modified Framework
  • Themed
  • 11 governors and 5¬†schedulers
  • Substrate,Carnival,Nexus R ,Parallax Live Wallpapers bundled
  • CRT animation mod
  • Live Wallpapers
  • deodexed
  • Pre-Rooted (SU 3.0.6)
  • New Boot animation (Perseus X)
  • Busybox 1.19.3
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Shell-Rooted
  • 691 Mhz SavagedZen bfq default .clocked to 825 ,.¬†Stability¬†checked till¬†729Mhz
  • TouchWiz Launcher Retained
  • 07a2sd flozd available in /system/scripts folder ;To activate it copy it to init . DONT USE IT WITH LINK2SD/DTa2SD/mad2SD
  • Features I fail to remember

Check the new widget Labelled Arkas to download .

The new mediafire link


Flash as One Package

The Radios/amss/baseband KPK/KPF/KP1 are available here . Three radios to choose from

Download Phone/amss

The CSC is also available .

  • XEF: France
  • DBT: Germany
  • XEO : Poland
  • XEU : UK
  • CPW: UK
  • ITV : Italy


  • Flash CSC and reboot
  • Type *#272*IMEI# in Dialer
  • DBT : German QWERTZ
  • XEF :Belgium/French AZERTY

Download CSC

Cheers !!!

Perseus XT4 – Ahzek — December 6, 2011

Perseus XT4 – Ahzek

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Based on Einherjar and Perseus X

This is a CWM based ROM /Half Build . Install ON YOUR OWN DISCRETION 

Uses didy’s Xt4 kernel

Requirements : GB Bootloader and CWM Recovery

Features :

Odexed ROM .(Had stability issues on deodexed one )

Faster Write than rfs Einherjar

Shell root/No dmesg/Custom Boot Animation

CWM compatible

Rooted Tested Symlinked (g.jie/didy will know)

Has Some ICS Frameworks mods (Some from StevenAngelo, Some mine ,Some from capez’ ICS animations )

CRT mod

TouchWiz Launcher

Ext4 ROM

9 MB system space remaining only . Careful .

ROM is Blue ,very Blue .

Dont install if you hate Blue colour

Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue 

Installation :

Flash CWM if you haven’t

Format data/cache

Use install from SD card option and select can use rename to and use install from ,but it’s annoying ¬†IMHO and tohmatos are tomatos )

reboot .

Issues :

Minor Force Closes (partially resolved with odex )

apn problems may occur (Be sure you remember your settings )

Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue 

Download Here

Do me a favor .Reboot phone atleast 10 times and tell me if /data is accessible or not . I will swap the kernel if you have a problem .