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I wont be available till 3rd January so this is the Last Post of this year

First thanks to all of you for reading the blog and making it popular (It’s pretty popular I think with over 1000 hpd for November and December and 800hpd average)

Yesterday recorded the highest Hits for this Year 2214 hits !!! .

Today the trends are over 2000 !!!

Thank you for using the ROMs and bearing with bugs and hitches .

Special Thanks to the Enigma Team kernel and recovery devs .All of them ajay191191

(kernel) , Pinkflozd

(kernel ,recovery,file systems,git maintainer) , Tiago

(kernel,git maintainer) ,Kraka23

(recovery) ,didy


Thanks to all guys who gave me permission to use their apps like File expert , ROM ToolBox ,Nemus Launcher and so on

Thanks to the guys who made ROM popular in respective Regional Android Forums

If you have helped others install ROMs in your respective Regional  forums ,Thanks a ton  . There are too many of them !!!!

This blog started very modestly as a regular Android Blog but its now transformed into Almost Global Hub of Galaxy 551 Users and Geeks 😀 .

Thanks you all !!!!

Lets hope the new year brings Joy and Happiness to our lives .




The new Year is on High Note with Release of Arkas 1.6 which is quite smooth ROM

To Guys Who cant Install Arkas 1.6 due to display bug ,Not worry !! Got Arkas 1.2.3 Ganymede 5 Ready Just for you folks .Uses Felipe Cunha’s Kernel .

There are many feature slashed down from 1.6 but it’s better than stock ROM  !!

To Those Guys on CWM ,I have Perseus XL for you . It has dmseg on and bootanimation (funny looking lines all over) but it is by far decently stable . expect some FCs and reboots though .Battery life is non existent

Due to high internal memory usage due to deodexing/ext4  ,07a2sd is enabled by default . Link2SD ,DTa2SD and mad2SD users will need to delete 07a2sd from init.d first .Yeah the Initial boot is massive but the next boots are  fast .

The kernel is by PinkFlozd which is very fast in operation .Defaukt Clocked at 729 Mhz  . Nemus is the Default Launcher .

You know to do the usual stuff . Wipe data and wipe cache before installing and the works before using Perseus XL.

Use Install from zip option .

zip name

For more details about CWM


Download Arkas 1.6

: Only if you dont have display errors

File Name : Arkas1690.tar.md5 . Flash as One package


Download Arkas 1.2.3 Ganymede 5 :

if you are having display errors :(Heavily stripped down )

Thanks to Felipe Cunha for patching the Link2SD .

File Name :Arkas12304.tar.md5 . Flash as One package


Download Perseus XL :

Only if you want to

File Name : : .Install via Zip

Download’s Monthly bandwidth was finished in 12 hours !!!

MediaFire is pretty good IMO . Multiupload is just annoying,People dont like Megaupload or Rapidshare .

You can try using Download Manger like mipony as darkside750 suggested .

So I am taking your leave with this Last Damn Post of this Year .Fell free to comment .I may or may not reply depending on my proximity to computer/phone . 

Cheers and bye !!