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This is a simple guide to ClockworkMod 5.02.6 made for Galaxy 551 users .

Credits :Koushik Dutta creating ClockworkMod Recovery for android Devices

WillingMagic for porting Clockwork Mod Recovery to Samsung Galaxy 551

Download :

File name :

Froyo : Download

Gingerbread : Download


The Downloads were removed by Willing Magic as he doesn’t support 551 …If you guys have any mirrors ,please inform me ..

You can install the Gingerbread version by didy : Download 

Installation :Dont use ROM Manager to install CWM .Currently ROM manager based install is not supported .You will ONLY HARD BRICK your Phone .

Download the relevant file and unzip it with winrar so you may get a .tar file like .

use Odin and Callisto.ops and use One Package Flash to install CWM .

Some Info about the recovery : It is based on kernel and runs on 600 Mhz performance (Like CM). Busybox 1.19.1 _CM 7 is present in case you want to get your hands dirty .

The Recovery can be “installed” on any ROM but it cant only be used fruitfully with certain ROMs

All Stock ROMs and All Arkas (except one) are incompatible with the nandroid Restore and many other options.

You can backup those ROMs ;) but they wont be restored on CWM .(Plus it takes a large number of steps )

Fully Supported ROMs

CM builds of WillingMagic , Arkas 0.6-ext2 , Perseus X on ext4/2 ,Perseus XT4

Navigation :

Volume up and down (Navigation ) with centre(selection) and back(last menu) buttons


Arrow keys (navigation) with OK (selection) and bact (last menu) buttons

The Options 

Reboot system :Boots in the system or Android system

Apply update from SD card : Quickly installs which is present in root folder of SD card to the system/data etc . It is used to install ROM ,patch it , make changes to file systems ,install custom script and so on .

wipe data/factory reset : Formats /data ,/cache/sd-ext to ext4

wipe cache partition :Formats /cache to ext4

install zip from sd card : Exactly Like update from sd card but it installs update from zip with any name located in any folder in SD card .Pretty handy when you have more than one zip

backup and restore :

  • backup backs /system,/data,/sd-ext,kernel image ,recovery image ,/sdcard/.android-secure (GB/Froyo a2sd) .
  • It wont backup radio(amss_phone)  or bootloader
  • restore will give you the exact system as you had backed up .
  • Advanced restore can be used if you want only one particular thing like /data or /system  or kernel to be restored .

mounts and storage :can be used to mount /system,/data,/cache and /sd-ext so you access them via adb shell . You can also format them to ext4 according to your liking .

advanced :

  • reboot recovery : It will reboot recovery
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache : Will wip all the Dalvik Cache .useful when an app is corrupted .
  • Wipe Battery Stats : Will Caliberate our battery .Remember ,do this only on 100 p.c battery
  • Key test : Will test all keys of your keyboard and phone .nice to actually test faulty keys .
  • Show log : It will show the entire log
  • Partition SD Card : It will create a Second SD card ext partition with 128M,256M,512M,1024M,2048M,4096M and third SD card partition 0M,32M,64M,128M,256M
  • Fix Permissions : It will fix the permissions of system .

Tips :

While using nandroid restore ,keep atleast 60 p.c battery in phone .

SD card partitioning will remove all your data in SD card so be sure to make an backup on computer .

Remove Battery stats : Keep you phone charged and remove it .

If your app has force closes ,removing Dalvik-Cache helps

After installing ROM and installing basic day-to day apps ,making nandroid backup will make your life easier .

Make a folder named 1zip in sdcard (/sdcard/1zip) .Place all the nandroid zips in that folder .That way you can navigate and easily use install zip option.

Help ,Support and Troublehooting :

Since this is not my creation all doubts ,bugs and help should be asked in the google group .


86 thoughts on “ClockWorkMod A-X Guide

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  2. my partition will erased if i format it right?

    I am having hard time on how to partition my sdcard. =(

    Im sorry for noob questions

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  4. im really a noob at all this… lol.. ive flashed arkas roms easily in the past… but all i wanna know is that.. how can i install cyanogen mod themes on samsung 551???

  5. What the hell!!!!!… trying flashing through odin.. one package… no result.. the phone just reboots to normal.. im on persues x … help!!!

  6. ok it worked… now im stuck on boot… at cyanogen mod 7 logo.. what do i do next…
    P.S. thanks for your help man.. you rock :)

  7. Hello skilled. I have a question. I have the Galaxy I5510L. With Gingerbread I lose 3G. I can flash the PDA froyo with Gingerbread Bootloader?

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  10. I installed the cwm on a stock Gb 2.3.6 and it works! but i got one problem if i try to backup the system the phone says:

    Backing up boot image
    Backing up recovery image
    Backing up system
    Can`t mount /system!

    so what can be the problem that i can`t backup my System i would like to flash arkas1690 but want to backup my hole system before flashing it

    can someone helpe me?
    thanks and regards

  11. Sorry Skilledchaos i understand it wrong and thank you for your quick reply
    if you got a tip for me how to backup the hole system before flashing?

    And thank you for such a good work

  12. there is no .tar file present in that zip file.. there is a image file present which cannot be added in Odin. what should I do now?

  13. There is no file of. tar.. The file is in image file type so it cannot be added in Odin to flash.. so what should I do now?

  14. Odin and Callisto.ops use and use a flash CWM packages to install. did not understand that part I have a 1.7 rom but I can Arkas serve cwm? and I have csc recovery mode and with that I can install the CyanogenMod

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  16. I have hard bricked my galaxy 551 by flashing the wrong recovery IMG in cwm and restarted into recovery mode . . now phone is bricked! download mode not working only emergency dload mode working n I cant flash a new firmware with tat as it gets stuck on setup connection in Odin. can this image be used to somehow recover my phone? plz help!!!

  17. i have 2.3.6 XWKPG. installed CWM using odin v4.42 using the cwm gb tar file in one-package.
    when i enter the recovery mode everything’s REALLY DARK. i can hardly read anything… i managed to squint and decipher some text, and installed CM7. now even the installed CM7 is REALLLYY DARK :| help please… really want to try CM7!

  18. Hey , im currently on GB.XWKPG ( which u provided ) just rooted. nothing else . no rom manager installed . and live wallpapers activated .
    and i want CM7 . so CWM is needed right ? i can do this with the above steps right ?
    and what about backing up msgs and contacts from back up restore app working right?
    and last ques . what if i want to go back to stock rom ?

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    • Nope
      There used to be CWM for froyo but thats almost 2 years ago …
      There is no point in having CWM for Froyo since there are no ROMs for Froyo Bootloader
      Flash Stock Gingerbread and use CWM for Gingerbread …

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