This a stripped down, patched and stabilized version of Perseus X2 based on 2.3.6

The kernel is Didy Mudjeri ‘s mixbeta config based on the Perseus X .(Compiled by Him )

This is not mixbeta3 kernel btw (which was based on Perseus 2).It’s stripped down Perseus X2 .

This is a rfs ROM .

Based on 2.3.6 ,it has all the features of 2.3.6

Additional support for init,swap and zram retained .Also ext3 and ext4 are fully supported (Link2SD compatible)

Shell rooted .

Some binaries are required to run system init properly

Translation :

Link2SD wont require two reboots to work .

You can use whatever a2sd you want since no default app2sd is present .

Remember you can use either DT a2sd ,Link2SD or mad2sd at one time .

Clock is unlocked till 800Mhz . Above 728Mhz ,it is dependant on phone .

Regular governors are included only

The apps have been patched or updated from Ganymede .

Kernel clock is 600 and init clock is 691

The final Perseus X boot animations is released by Karim and his friend XeeD

Credits :

Didy Mudjeri : Kernel Dude

Karim Salama and his friend XeeD for the Perseus X Boot animation

JRummy16 – ROM ToolBox

hrk :NoFrillsCPU

xageek: Filexpert

Titanium Track :Titanium Backup

Federico Carnales : Launcher Pro

Jack Palewich : Android Terminal Emulator

Stealthcopter : Nexus Revamped Wallpaper


  • Px-Mix Kernel
  • Link2SD “Patch”
  • Swap/Init.d/zram/Shell-root
  • ext2/3/4 – support
  • Pre-Rooted ,Su-3.0
  • Some Apps added as above
  • A bit modified Framework
  • CRT animation mod
  • Live Wallpapers
  • deodexed
  • Pre-Rooted (SU 3.0.6)
  • New Boot animation (Perseus X)
  • Busybox 1.19.3
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Features I fail to remember

I suppose ,this should be the ROM ,you guys have been waiting for 😉



Flash as One Package

File name : Arkas1519.tar.7z

Odin File name : Arkas1519.tar.md5

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