A cool find by falconhawk81 .A biground of applause 

A bigger round of applause to Karlen ,the admin of http://www.mioptimusone.com for sharing the knowledge with us .

A even bigger round of applause for the DUDES who ported the lib files for V6 phones .Whoever is the dude/gal/s Thumbs Up 

Adobe Flash Player for Gingerbread.

It’s 10.3.185 for the inquisitive folks

Works on

  • Dolphin
  • Regular  Browser
  • Boat
  • Some other browsers which I failed to test
  • Swf Players

Doesn’t work on

  • Opera Mini
  • Opera.It is hinky hunky dory .

Installation instructions .

  1. Install Adobe Flash Player
  2. There are four libs in the folder
  3. copy them to /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer/lib/(Root explorer,ES File Explorer ,FilExpert .Choose your poison)
  4. All four libs should be present
  5. and change the permissions to chmod 644 or like below .

Download Here