To people who couldn’t use Gearloose File manager or receiving errors

This is a one package Odin flashable file

/system to JFS and /data to JFS .

Download .Flash as one package .Odin .Callisto.ops .The works

It’s Perseus X alright .

No Gearloose.No recovery .No nothing .

Since the Last Post was heavy on Procedure Forgot to mention change Log over Stock ROM

Kernel :

1.)Support for ext 2/3/4 ,reiserfs,JFS,btrfs,xfs

2.)Clocked opened till 844Mhz.806/800 Mhz maybe stable . 710 Mhz is stable confirmed .

3.)Multiple cpu governor support ,more governors than you can test

4.)Three extra I/O schedulers BFQ ,vr and sio

5.)init scripts supported via init.d

6.)compcache and swap is supported

7.)Default a2sd is enabled .

8.)Lower RAM clock below 600Mhz to preserve battery ,higher RAM overclock over 600Mhz for significant performance boost

9.)Low memory killer and SD boost default applied


9.)Low CPU ,High Performance JFS File system .It is as fast as non journeled ext2 or NJ-ext4 system and has least power consumption in all the File systems and is journeled as well

10.)Ad blocker in built

11.)some performace scripts in init.d

12.)Superuser 3.0 and Titanium backup 4.5

13.)Maps removed

14.)Live wallpapers included ,Batterymod applied ,Repaired LockSCreen .


USB Tethering and WIFi is dodgy

Sometimes FS may act up .



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