Easy way to root and Stock Rom without Gingerbread BootLoader

This is just the STOCK GINGERBREAD ROM WITHOUT Bootloader or amss_phone

Why ?

For people who are sick of Perseus 2 and want to change back .

Flashing bootloader is a bit dangerous since you may get a brick if odin stops suddenly .(Which it does sometimes )

Without the bootloader flash ,it is relatively much safer to revert back .

What does this stock Rom contain ?

Stock Kernel .Stock Recovery .Stock System .



For people who need a quicker way to root ,other than SOC + Willings kernel.

Download root234.zip

  • Copy root234.zip to SD card
  • Go to recovery mode T+Power (KEYBOARD T)
  • Navigate via Volume Keys
  • Select “update from sdcard” with the CAPS lock key
  • Navigate to root234.zip
  • Select “root234.zip”
  • reboot system
  • You have a rooted device

No pre requisites required .

Download root234.zip

If you are facing su reboots then try this updated zip .

Download root2342.zip

Tested on Stock ROM .


112 thoughts on “Easy way to root and Stock Rom without Gingerbread BootLoader

  1. Hey dude… I have installed this stock rom on my phone. Now, i want to enable Live Wallpaper… how can i do that? Also, i won’t be installing Perseus 2 or Arkas 1.2 Gany 3 now. Please let me know how to enable live wallpaper on stock rom? thanks.

  2. helllo skilled.i have been asking you about something for a very long time.
    you are very good in rom and stuffs..so u can find a way so that i can use my college wifi.
    i can only access net via this way only..so i need to know how connect to internet via a proxy wifi.
    u should help me.

  3. How to enable Live Wallpaper in your 5510…

    1) You need rooted Samsung Galaxy 551

    2) Download and unrar sdcard.rar on your SD card (on root, DON`T put in any folder). Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=823QBU4Y

    3) Download Terminal Emulator/Better Terminal Emulator Pro from the market/any other site. :)

    4) In Terminal/adb write:

    mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

    * after you write “su” phone will ask for root permision, ALLOW it
    ** after every line press Enter

    5) After phone reboots you can use Live Wallpapers.

    6) Use Sweet Tree Live Wallpaper, it is really awesome. Enjpy!!

  4. sorry !! i was not well and also had my half yearly exams going o n.
    i tested ur rom
    at first i had some problem mounting the system,cashe……………………
    after i formatted and recreated the particians everything went smoothly..
    the rom bheaved odely for me after i inatalled about 120 apps……

    the row is useless at default cpu speed
    but works brilliantly at 740

    mkv and flv work fine for me on qq player ,and v player
    gaming has improved

    but, sometimes the system crashes on its own i have to reinstall the aps

    wifi worked fine
    but 3g was a little bit slow

    batery life was low

    overall its an awesome rom
    but needs some adjustments………………

  5. Overclocked RAM

    Flac Support

    Custom ffmpeg

    Custom Busybox

    Support for Tegra HD games

    More Juice to Games/3D (80 in Neocore )

    Slightly better WMV/MKV playback (unsure but it will be less choppy)

    app2SD built in support


    bash shell


    Faster Boot Times

    Flozd F1 Scripts

    Bunch of other scripts

    Repaired Sleep of Death

    where is it skilledchaos???

    • Did you even try Perseus 2 ??

      It has Custom Busybox (1.19.2 ) , inbuilt a2sd ,init.d ,bash ,compcacahe ,swap ,it’s very fast ,has flozd F scripts , It doessnt hva sleep of death ,O/C Ram .

  6. Because the dalvik is transferred from internal memory to SD card second partition . It does seem laggy but we ironed some stuff in Perseus 7/X/LP .
    I will just try for a stable sane release for Arkas .

  7. hey skilled.i have a problem with my phone..that is when i open or close the keyboard the screen goes black..and wiseversa..and in order to make the screen visible i have to lock and unlock scrren…so is this a hardware problem?i have tried different roms..but the problem still exist

  8. when we are expecting the new rom ??
    i need ur help
    my data mode works sumtyms automatically
    its get activated sumtyms but mostly it doesnt
    what to do
    i am with gany rom
    and last one was the stock gb rom

    • If you dont have second partition then a2sd wont activate . No disk ,no mount point.
      Gingerbread app2sd is activated by default .Thats Gingerbread .
      Our a2sd is on top of that .

    • Nope .
      Just one thing .
      Sometimes GB does direct GB a2sd .
      Our a2sd cant override it .
      You will need to transfer the app to memory .
      It will directly be linked to SD card when you transfer it to phone memory .

    • It was Froyo only issue .Perseus 2 is quite snappy . I am running 132+(200+ with themes and widgets) apps on Perseus 2-10(X) .And I dont have a lag at 652 Mhz .If you feel it’s lagging .Install stock GB and root it .It runs fast and has minimal bugs .
      Run Perseus 2 at 691 Mhz

  9. hey i installed a live wallpaper on persus 2 now and now its internal memory is showing 122 mb to 120 mb
    its not using sd card?

    • Then system apps wont be transferred to SD .Nor will the dalvik cache .
      a2sd requires 2nd SD card partition .It’s a custom ROM not a magic box.
      GB app2sd will only work (Select apps )

  10. Has anyone already managed how to Reverse USB network to a windows PC?
    (Say, 551 uses the network connection of the PC via USB port.)

  11. Hey skilledchaos,

    Can you point me to some “Noobs guide to updating Galaxy 551 to gingerbread”.
    It’d be a great help if you could help me update my phone.

  12. Hey skilled i am having the problem even now when i try to do some superuser work my phone restarts this time i reflashed stock gb rom and rooted the easy way by root123.zip then from market i updated the superuser and when i put the phone for updating binary,suddenly phone restarted.

    Help me plz…
    I think i am only who is facing this problem

      • um.. same happend with me reegarding su.. my phone restartedö its happening everytime i uninstall some sysytem app or making change to binary.. but it isnt a problem.. and skilled thanx a lot brooo! i finally managed to root my gb.. i was total panic and was going to revert back to froyo coz cudnt find a way to root but finally found ur blog :) umm… i think new gb is saving the .dex files in sd card by default after rooting coz my apps are taking less space i mean compared to froyo.. i jus love this gb update. except the key problem hehe ps: i have safely bookmarked ur blog now :p

  13. means that I don’t need apps like rootall to SD?
    it creates a FAT 32 partiton by itself and than saves the .so and .dex files on it.
    so i think i dont need it now..
    it was a lifesaver on froyo though.
    by the way any superior apptosd function on perseus?

  14. inever tried to link2sd coz my sd card wasnt class 4 so everytime i tried to cretate multiple partitons the data got corrupted. so i kept searching the market and i found the app “Root # All Data2Sd Card”. It allowed me to create a second partition without pc i mean it created a virtual Fat 32 partiton and than allowed me to move the .lib and .so files althought the dalvik cache wasnt moved. So if Gb is doing the work than i dont need it now.. but if i can get something more better i am always game for it.. I havent tried second zip, content with present su.. my “T” button isnt working proper so hard to boot into recovery.

  15. Hey skilled

    I read that the galaxy 3 has overclocked upto 1300mHz!!

    Isn’t there way to do reverse engineering and make it for our lovely smartphone.

    • Any app would do
      Set CPU is good and has profiles but I dont use it .
      NoFrillsCPU has scheduler changer and very simple .
      ANTUTU is also nice CPU tuning tool .
      Perseus 2 and above has script based tuning in init.d .

    • new OS mean a whole new thing :) even we have some trouble to enabling root for first time because the old way didn’t work

      ask the apps dev if it can’t run well on gingerbread :p

      p.s: updating the apps version will help on many cases

  16. well skilled i tried the updated su but still getting the same problem..
    and secondly what is the app size limit our phone can install?
    i read somewhere its around 30mb apk max but there was an exception like NFS Shift apk was 39mb and it installed perfectly,
    so i want to know what is the actual size and if there is a certain limitation than how can it be overcome?
    i was trying to install two games apk of about 28mb each and they didnt install.
    i am confused :s

    • app size limit is thing of past .
      It used to be 25 MB which is the market limit
      They raised it to 50MB in Market 3.0
      The cache partition is 20 ish MB so in froyo market downloads above 20MB used to give errors
      But Perseus 2 circumvents the apk limit by using SD card space for bigger downloads .All in all you can install apk above 20 MB

      • bro i have recently flashed to gb so i cant go for perseus, any solutions for gingerbread or any info as to why this problem is occuring?
        i mean i am not able to install apk more than 30mb (non market) i have the apk in my sd card but still it jus says apk intall error..

  17. hi skilled,
    i have a very prominent prblm with my galaxy 551, whenevr i am downloading data from net, i cant receive any cal or msgs even by the person sitting next to me, i strt receiving cals nd msgs only aftr i stop downloading or surfing…
    plz tell me a permanent solution, wl b really appreciated…
    using new gingerbread, bt the prblm persisted even in froyo…

  18. Hi there. What exactly does this patch to stock rom? Which files will be replaced? Is there a changelog or something like this?

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  21. Hai Dear Skilled

    my phone hang :( :( :( after i was going to try for the live wallpapers with this

    mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl5 /system
    cat /sdcard/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk > /system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
    cat /sdcard/libRS.so > /system/lib/libRS.so
    cat /sdcard/librs_jni.so > /system/lib/librs_jni.so

    then i enter and it was restart and i tought it was working so I check it there was no live wallpaper so i tried once again to reboot the same thing and it’s hang now :( :( :(

    is there anyone who can help me with this or should i just take it to the Samsung center ?


  22. i already tried to remove the battery and when i trun it on it just came up the GT-i5510 and its hanged and i waited and still didnt work so what should i do now :( and i think i should just take it to the samsung center
    will be big thankful for your help :)

  23. It’s Working Brother thanks a lot

    i am truly grateful that you help me

    once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    and i will not try to use the live wallpaper again and i just down know why it didnt work when i reboot it :( maybe it’s my bad day today :(

    well have a wonderful day brother :)

  24. can anyone help me how to fix the permission denied with my better emulator pro and i already root my phone so please help me to fix it

    THANK YOU :)

  25. so i have a question about root ….my rom XE I5510XWKPG 2.3.6…i have tried 2 links…but i dont know why it doesnt works on my phone ????

  26. Hi.. just try flasing use stock rom I5510XWKPJ_I5510PANKP4_PAN and want access root using recovery mode (root234.zip and root2342.zip) both does not work… the Superuser was there, but i can not add application into it

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